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Customized Virtual Yoga Session

Connect with Sarah on a video call to receive your own private yoga session from the safety and comfort of your own home. This is a great option to combat cabin fever, ease your anxiety, break a good sweat, help heal an injury, or to learn more about yoga! If you're interested in this for you and your partner, you and your kid(s), or any small group, so long as Sarah can see each person on their mat, this is a good option for you too!

Divine Mirror Yoga Healing Session

Access your own restorative healing powers through this intuitive-based, therapeutic healing offering that can involve light yoga poses and gentle movement (or sometimes a simple, restful position), allowing you an opportunity to journey within and unlock solutions and deep healing for any trauma, pain, anxiety, grief, or distress your body is holding. Sarah serves as an energetic mirror for you to see your true self in, guiding you to your inner wisdom, and ensuring you come back from this journey with new awareness and compassionate understanding for the Self. Experience deep healing that brings you into alignment with your higher self.

Energy Alignment Holy Fire Reiki 

Experience the gentle transmutative power of a healing holy fire reiki session that aids in releasing energetic blocks the body may be holding. "Reiki" is a Japanese term, referring to the universal (rei) energy (ki) all living things share. When we have physical injuries in our body or emotional pain, anxiety, grief, or distress our physical and subtle energy bodies are also affected and can fall out of alignment due to blockages or imbalances. A reiki session is deeply relaxing and leaves you feeling lighter, more buoyant, and energetically aligned. 

Free Consultation!

Not sure which offering is best for you? Want to try them all? Have more questions about how this all works? Think some of this sounds like woo-woo mumbo jumbo, but you're still kind of curious? Let's connect for a free virtual consultation where Sarah can answer any questions you might have, and can hear more about what you're looking for and interested to explore in order to create a tailored offering that best serves your needs. 


For over 15 years, Sarah has been teaching and working with people of all walks of life, offering holistic intuitive healing support that meets people where they are at and empowers to move towards where they want to be. Sarah works within the realm of the healing arts and with alternative therapies. She studied sociology at Princeton, and has had a beautifully sidewinding path throughout life ranging from working in finance on Wall Street briefly to creating wellness & mindfulness curriculum as a Wellness Director & science teacher in the world of education. She has been doing intuitive healing work as well as teaching yoga for over 15 years. She works within a wide range of healing art modalities including yoga, yoga therapy, meditation & mindfulness, breath & bodywork,  reiki & energy healing, sound healing, herbalism & Celtic shamanic healing practices, and lastly, a proprietary process called Mirroring, which is a compassionate blend of therapeutic & shamanic techniques to support shadow work, trauma release and integration support. Sarah is also a nondenominational ordained minister.


“I am grateful to the many mentors I had the opportunity to learn from directly over the years, as well as deeply grateful to the greatest teacher of all, the divine mother (nature). My training has been combined with deep self-study and personal practices over a couple decades. My life is deeply devoted to walking the spiritual path and being here for supporting healing and integration with our highest self. I strive to empower clients to reconnect to their deepest intuitive self, their innate divinity, the wisdom of the animal body, and to relax into our inherent shared interconnectedness. Above all else I believe in Love as a practice, as a nondualistic energy, and as a state of being we can all enter into.”

All od rooted in intuitive healing, believing that we ultimately heal ourselves through journeying within to connect to our deeper wisdom and access our own unique healing solutions. She utilizes her intuitive healing approach to help people process emotional pain and trauma and is here to help guide you to your own wisdom, while ensuring you feel safe and supported in the process.

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